What is Subscribe & Save?
When you become a MYMC subscriber, you unlock benefits that will make your ordering experience so much easier! Subscribers enjoy:

FREE SHIPPING on every order
Convenient weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery
Set and forget your orders (never miss a meal!)
Update your menu or meal plan easily
Skip orders or cancel anytime - no lock in contracts!

How do I become a subscriber?
Subscribing is easy! Simply choose a weekly, fortnightly or monthly option during checkout and you’ll automatically become a MYMC subscriber.

What if I’m already a subscriber?
If you’re already on a subscription prior to January 28th, you’ll automatically receive this offer!*

*If your subscription total is less than $99, you’ll continue to receive the existing $10 off every delivery promotion.

I’m a subscriber, why am I not receiving free shipping?
If you were a subscriber whose total order value was less than $99 prior to 28th January, we will continue to honour the $10 off delivery promotion.

To unlock free shipping, we recommend adding a meal, Protein Bite or Protein Shake in order to meet the minimum order threshold.

How much am I saving by being a subscriber?
As we service 4,500+ suburbs, delivery fees differ depending on location. From 28th January 2021, you can save up to $20 per delivery by becoming a subscriber!

How do I update my subscription order?
Simply sign into My Account and click on the Edit Subscription button on your dashboard. Here’s how you can update each of our different meal plans:

Custom Meal Plans - You can update your custom menu by clicking on the Edit button. Then, simply add or remove the items you’d like. Remember, our minimum order value is $99.
Goal Based Meal Plans - You can make changes to your Performance, Muscle Gain or Calorie Control meal plan via the Edit button. You have flexibility to switch existing meals to your preferred options, and add breakfast, snacks and drinks.
Fixed Sets - The items in any Fixed Set cannot be edited, however you can easily switch from a Fixed Set to any other meal plan. Using the Add Item button, add your new meal plan before removing the old one.

I want to switch one type of meal plan to another. How do I do this?
Switching meal plans is easy. Sign into My Account and click the Edit Subscription button on your Dashboard. Then, use the Add Item button to add your desired meal plan first before removing the old one.

E.g. If you want to switch from the Low Carb Pack Fixed Set to the Calorie Control Goal Based Meal Plan, you must add the Calorie Control plan first, then remove the Low Carb Pack.

How do I update my delivery details as a subscriber?
Easy! Much in the same way as you’d update your menu, simply go to My Account and change whatever detail you need to e.g. address, payment details, delivery frequency.

How does the refer-a-friend system work with my subscription?
Quite simply! Every new person who uses your code will receive $20 off their order and you’ll receive $20 in credit towards your subscription orders. These credits accumulate, so the more you share, the more you save.

When is the cut-off to make changes to my orders?
To ensure you get your deliveries when you want them, make changes before the Tuesday or Saturday midnight cut-off times. We recommend ordering prior to these cut-offs to secure the earliest delivery date possible. Your state and postcode will determine your next available days of delivery.

When am I charged for my first subscription order?
Subscriptions are charged immediately at point of sale and this will influence which cut-off day/time we continue to process your orders under.

When will I be charged for my future orders?
After the initial payment for your first subscription order, the automatic payments will always be processed in the early morning on Tuesdays or Saturdays.
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