Why am I seeing posts from My Muscle Chef?

Following the unfortunate closure of 5.4 last month, My Muscle Chef has acquired the business and want to help you your meal prep needs. We would love to take this opportunity to invite you to browse our menu of 50 highly nutritious and delicious meals, which are made to order and delivered to your door fresh.
To welcome you to the My Muscle Chef family, we’re excited to offer you a special $50 discount on our brand-new, low-carb starter pack using the WELCOME50 code at the checkout. To find out more, visit out our website: www.mymusclechef.com

Could My Muscle Chef close like 5.4?

You can rest assured we’re here to stay. Since launching in 2013 My Muscle Chef has grown from strength to strength.  In 2018, we sold over 3,000,000 meals to people across Australia and we currently deliver to over 4,000 postcodes.
Today, our team consists of 70+ chefs working hard in the kitchen to bring you 50 nutritious meals delivered fresh to your door.

Does My Muscle Chef have the same menu as 5.4?

We don’t offer exactly the same meals, but we’re really confident that our range of 50 meals offers something for everyone.
We have 50 meal options plus a host of meal plans to choose from, which have been created using the finest, locally sourced ingredients.
Our dishes are high in protein, made with grass fed beef, free-range chicken and fresh Australian vegetables.

I was a longstanding customer of 5.4. Why should I sign up to My Muscle Chef?

At My Muscle Chef, our passion is to fuel our customers with nutritionally dense, great tasting healthy meals, to help you reach your goals.
Thanks to our flexible menu which features 50 dishes and tailor-made plans, we’re confident you will find something to fuel your routine.
Our meals are freshly prepared to order each week with no chemical or artificial preservatives, then carefully sealed for maximum freshness.
With no lock-in contracts, we offer great flexibility by delivering fresh to your doorstep.

Are there any benefits for previous customers of 5.4 considering signing up to My Muscle Chef?

We’re really excited to offer 5.4 customers a $50 discount on our brand-new low-carb range.
This exclusive offer is available until midnight Friday 3rd May. To get your discount today, just use the code WELCOME50 at the checkout.

Who are the people behind My Muscle Chef?

We’re an Australian family run business which was created in 2013 by two brothers Tushar and Nishant Menon.
Tushar and Nishant are major health and fitness enthusiasts, and they wanted good food that didn’t compromise on nutrition but also left time to workout.
And so, they turned their personal passion into a business by investing their time into nutritional design, researching produce and portioning to create a system which allows more time to spend where it matters most.
Today, My Muscle Chef’s expert chef leads a team of 70+ to deliver 50 high quality meals that don’t compromise on taste.

My promotion code isn't working, what should I do?

If your promo code isn’t working please call 1300 364 993.

Where can I find My Muscle Chef foods?

We deliver to over 4,000 postcodes in Australia to give you the convenience of having your meals delivered fresh to your door.
Our website also features all My Muscle Chef stockists, simply type your address in the search filter to find your closest retailer.

Is 5.4 coming back?

Unfortunately 5.4 has closed its doors permanently, but we hope you will consider us your new fresh meal prep partner and let us help you achieve your goals with 50 different meals to choose from as well as a host of carefully designed plans.
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