How is managing my subscription made easier on the MYMC App?
Not only is it quicker and more efficient to view & edit your upcoming subscription deliveries, but the below functions are also exclusively available via the App:
Update your future subscription delivery day and time slot
Quickly swap an existing meal plan in your subscription (rather than adding a new meal plan and removing the old one

If your subscription includes a Meal Pack you can easily edit the protein boost add-ons with that pack)

How come the cart I built on the website isn't showing when log into the MYMC App?
If you logged into the website and have items saved in your cart, unfortunately at this stage these will not appear in the cart when you log into the App. But don't worry, this functionality is something we're working on to make sure your shopping carts line up perfectly on both the website and app - coming soon!

I have just placed a Goal Based Plan subsciption order via the App, can I edit this meal plan on the website too?
Unfortunately if Goal-Based Plans are ordered initially via the App, they cannot be edited again through the website - this is because the meal plan has been generated using our new calorie calculator, which is exclusive to the MYMC App. However, if you place a Goal-Based Plan subscription order via the website, you are able to edit the subscription meal plan in the App.

Can I directly swap a meal plan or meal pack when editing my subscription both on the MYMC App and website?
You can directly swap a meal plan and/or meal pack when you edit your subscription using the MYMC App only. To replace a meal plan in your subscription via the MYMC website, you must add the new meal plan you'd like before removing the old one.

Can I update my future subscription delivery day and time both on the MYMC App and website?
You are only able to update your upcoming delivery day and time via the MYMC App. Unfortunately this action cannot be completed via the MYMC website.
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