Did you know you can enjoy a different selection of meals with each MYMC delivery?

If you have a subscription and would like to edit your meal selection for your next delivery, follow the steps below!

The meals within Fixed Sets cannot be edited or changed as they are predetermined packs.
Add Items - Easily switch from plan to plan (Meal Plan, Menu Builder or Fixed Set) without having to cancel your subscription. Just use the Add Item button to add this new plan and the X button to remove the previous plan.
To make sure the changes are reflected in your next delivery, always Edit and Update subscription prior to the cut off displayed on your Profile page.

STEP 1: Select the 'Edit Subscription' button

STEP 2: Scroll down to Edit Order Details and select 'Edit'

STEP 3: Choose the meals you would like and don't forget to 'Update Subscription' to save changes

PLEASE NOTE It's important that you refer to the countdown timer so you are aware of the cut off for editing your meal selection. These changes will be reflected in your next delivery, but only if you edit your subscription before the cut off.

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