How do I receive free shipping?
From 28th January 2021, My Muscle Chef is offering free shipping when you become a subscriber.

To become a subscriber, simply select a weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery frequency at checkout, and you’ll automatically get free shipping on EVERY order!

What if I’m already a subscriber?
If you’re already on a subscription prior to January 28th, you’ll automatically receive this offer!*

*If your subscription total is less than $99, you’ll continue to receive the previous $10 off every delivery promotion.

I’m a subscriber, why am I not receiving the free shipping?
If you were a subscriber prior whose total order value was less than $99 prior to 28th January, we will continue to honour the $10 off delivery promotion.

To unlock free shipping, we recommend adding a meal, Protein Bite or Protein Shake in order to meet the minimum order threshold.

Which locations are you offering free shipping for?
We believe that all of our valued customers should have access to free shipping, regardless of the distance or delivery fee. That’s why we’re offering this promotion to ALL states. As a subscriber you will save up to $20 on every delivery!

How long will you be offering free shipping for?
We will be offering this promotion indefinitely, so that our valued customers never need to worry about a delivery fee!

What if my subscription is currently on pause?
No need to worry - whether you’re away from home or just want to take a little break, our free shipping promotion will be here when you choose to resume your subscription.
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