We offer a variety of meals made without allergen ingredients. Click the links below to view menu items that are made without specific allergens:

Options containing No Gluten: https://www.mymusclechef.com/menu/?prefn1=allergens&prefv1=No%20Gluten

Options containing No Dairy: https://www.mymusclechef.com/menu/?prefn1=allergens&prefv1=No%20Dairy

Options containing No Eggs: https://www.mymusclechef.com/menu/?prefn1=allergens&prefv1=No%20Eggs

Options containing No Nuts: https://www.mymusclechef.com/menu/?prefn1=allergens&prefv1=No%20Nuts

Options containing No Seafood: https://www.mymusclechef.com/menu/?prefn1=allergens&prefv1=No%20Seafood

DISCLAIMER: While we take the utmost care in cooking, please be advised that our meals are prepared in a commercial kitchen, so if you have serious allergies or sensitive we recommend consulting your health professional and/or taking extreme caution as we cannot guarantee all meals are completely free of allergens.
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